In defence of single people

I don’t think we even know what being single is. We live in such a couples-obsessed society that there really are no “singles” out there — everyone is pre- or post-coupled. They’re either in the wings waiting or they’re past their prime and are no longer allowed to be part of this central way people not only organize their intimate lives but attain social legitimacy. People use relationships to bind themselves to social, political and cultural realities.”

Interesting. Couples culture is so enforced by laws and media and consequently so unchallenged that it’s a bit of a mindfuck to step back and put a label on it as such. Films and music and books consistently frame The Couple as the aspirational ideal, and so much flossy bullshit is woven aroundthe hurdles to get there or the fall therefrom - to wit, stock characters from the Scheming Mother-In-Law and the Unseeing Hot Boy Object in Korean soaps to the Bitchy Cheerleader in American ones. Even Bridesmaids’ happy ending ended with Wiig (<3!!!!) in a couple. It’s so By contrast alternative relationship structure are marginal or marginalized - the commune see Chinese people melting spoons during the Great Leap Forward, American Juggalos, religious fanatics, retirement.

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